22 July 2010

Some things from Bahia

In one of the trips I went  to Bahia and took some pictures of the beautiful decorations from the hotels.

Enjoy !!

17 July 2010


Lovely roses to decoration !!!

14 July 2010


This sache I send to my sister Dani

That's a litter gift , my sister will give to people who visit her daughter when be born

I did 60 one by one !!

That my sister with 31 weeks

HandCraft of kitchen

this for organize the plastic bags from kitchen!! 
and leaves cute for You!!

08 July 2010

Heart box, with Iara Capraro

07 July 2010

Decorations for House


Little flowers

Hello Kitty of handcraft

Hello Kity


Doing the Hello Kitty!!!!
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