20 April 2011

Cotton soft doll

I found the pattern on the internet and I made one.  It is lovely and simple to do, a good size for little hands.  I'll try to do one wiht  baby socks and see how it looks. 

Cupcake Instructions

Hi my friends!!
I found some easy instructions on how to make cupcakes for pens. 
They were on  Nikki blog which is cute!!!

Check here!!  Whimsy Girl 

Market at school in Newtown

Essa feira foi no patio de uma escola de Newtown.
Foi um dia de sol muito bonito, e as vendas foram otimas...
Recebemos as visitas dos amigos ...

18 April 2011

My Birthday party :)

Hi, 9 of April was my birthday and 8 of April my brother's so we decided to do a party ....It was very good to have friends together and celebrate !!!  
Look into the details... I have chosen the ladybug theme!
After the party I gave a flower to each of my friends as a grift.
Thank you !! xoxoxox

Brigadeiros, cake and ladybug sandwich
Strawberry cake

The flower I made for gifts....
My husband lit the candles about 3 times...
Me, Juninho and Rafa

14 April 2011

kanzashi step by step

What you'll need:

Step 1: Gather supplies:
*Glue, I used Quick Dry and my hot glue gun
*Fabric squares, from 6 to 8 per flower (the ones I used on this flower are 3" x3" but any size works as long as they are all the same size)
*Clothes Pin
*Felt or stiff fabric for the back

Begin with a 3" x 3" square fabric, you can go larger square if you want.

Fold the square in half diagonally, make sure the  right side of the fabric is facing out. 

Take the right-hand corner and fold it down to meet the bottom corner. 
Repeat with the right-hand corner. Press fold with your fingers. The two corners should meet in the center but not overlap 
Fold the piece in half, toward you, making sure that the two corners are inside the fold. This is the back   part of the petal.

Pull the thread through the petal, leaving 8" tail hanging loose. String all the other petals, they should be all strung together side-by-side on the thread, facing the same way.

by Luciana's Atelier

Model of pepper.

I  found this beautiful model of pepper, and made some ....

The craft by Luciana's Atelier

The drawing from

Wooden photo album

watch this video with the Iara Capraro.

She's great!!
see ya

03 April 2011


Bag made of cloth

from the net, drawing Pacth Sofia e Mel.


to decorate the kitchen

By Luciana


drawing from internet, painted by Luciana

Happy Birthday Tifany !

She's my friend's daughter, Ale and Challes our friends at NZ.

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